Training takes place on Sunday evenings from 6pm to 9pm and is open to all grades and abilities from age 16 onwards, 14 year olds may be considered if they are physically and emotionally mature enough.

We are situated in the Griphouse on the top floor of 10 Possil Road. We are only 5 minutes walk from St Georges Cross subway station.

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Classes involve a light cardio vascular warm up followed by stretching (Junan Taiso), rolls (Ukemi Gata) and breakfalls (Ukemi). We then cover basics such as striking, movement and grading work. Having got ourselves warmed up physically and mentally we then move on to more advanced movements and techniques.


Beginners are always welcome and can train in shorts, loose and comfortable trousers or tracksuit with a t-shirt and socks.

The normal dress is a black ghi, however we do not expect you to invest in this until you have had an opportunity to experience the class.


The Bujinkan uses a variety of weapons including, but not limited to:

Bo (6ft Staff)
Jo (4ft Staff)
Hanbo (3ft Staff)
Katana / Bokken (Sword)
Tanto (knife)
Shuriken (Throwing Stars)

At NO POINT during training are ANY live blades used. ALL weapons used are wooden or padded training weapons.


In the Bujinkan we do not do sparring. The closest equivalent comes under the name Randori. This is a non-competitive opportunity to practice using the movements we have learned by responding to randomised attacks. This is not a large part of the Bujinkan training.


Gradings are carried out at regular times during the year. Ninjutsu uses continual assessment by the teacher during regular classes as well as specific grading classes, making the whole process more relaxed and representative of actual ability.


Understanding dojo etiquette (Rei ho) is essential for good training and forms the base for all study in Budo. In the Dojo all practitioners must take full responsibility and always train with full consideration for their training partners.

Proof of age may be required.

We also uphold the rules as laid out by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi. A Dr's note is not required, though it is your responsibility to make sure you are fit and well before commencing any physical training.